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Brokers are Important to us!

One of the most important decisions you will make while obtaining group health benefits is the selection of your insurance broker. The broker is your own personal consultant who provides assistance with all the aspects of selecting health coverage for your employees. We have the most experienced brokers in your area who partner with us to give you the right plan for your employees at the right cost. Once they understand your unique needs, he or she can help make the perfect fit.

No Extra Cost to You

In order to give you the personalized service you need to make the right choice for your company, insurance carriers find it efficient to tap into the local experts. Therefore, any costs associated with using an AASC affiliated broker or the site is paid for by the participating carriers. This gives them broader access to customers like you and allows them to compete in an open environment. Also, a more knowledgeable customer usually translates into a happier customer and a successful relationship for everyone.

Employee Benefit Consultants gives you lots of information to help you in your purchasing decision; however, it is the broker who really helps you make the right choice for your company. There are thousands of different plans to select from with a wide range in both services and premiums. In some cases, one plan may cost double that of another identical policy depending on whom the carrier is. The broker assists by narrowing the field to the best coverage for the best premiums and then providing you with the results. They are trained to carefully listen to your needs and help you find the right solution.

Another benefit of utilizing a broker is in understanding the policies themselves. All independent agents are licensed in your area. The language used in the insurance plans tends to be complicated with excessive legal terminology required by state and federal law. An experienced local broker can save you the time of having to decipher multiple plans by presenting simple comparisons.

Employees often have many questions regarding any new health coverage they are likely to receive. They may want to know how soon they will be covered, or if their children's braces will be paid for. A broker can help you answer these tough questions and help your employees understand the value of the benefits plan you have chosen.

Helping You Find the Right Broker

If you already have a broker you would like to use when obtaining your small group health insurance, we can provide him or her with all the resources needed. We would love to have him join the thousands of premier brokers around the country that have benefited from our cutting-edge customer service. Or if you prefer, we can help you select one of our skilled, independent brokers who is in your geographic area. It's your choice.

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