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Defined Contribution or DC Style Health Care (.pdf file) is all the rage now. The press is actively writing about this concept. It has been coined the next "401k" of benefits. HRAs (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) are also receiving a great deal of press attention these days, read more about HRAs here and about Health Savings Accounts (HSA) here.

AASC will analyze your current health care situation and determine how best to implement a flexible DC style plan to control your costs. We provide consultation, design and implementation for all phases. No need to change health insurance brokers.

A DC style plan allocating a fixed cost per employee (varied by any number of factors) is efficiently accomplished utilizing the AASC FlexCash compensation allocation system. As the Employer, you benefit by maintaining predictable and controllable costs consistently, year after year. AND you benefit by enhancing the communication of these costs to your employees in a more employee friendly format. Optionally, we can even build  income-based premiums into your plan design wherein the net cost billed to employees is higher for highly compensated employees than for others. Although uncommon, this plan design option is simple to administer should you elect to explore this financing option.

Although inexpensive to administer, these benefits will help retain employees and lock you into consistent health costs.  (How is your HIPPA Policy doing?) 

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