American Administration Services Company

Nonqualified plans supplement retirement benefits for highly compensated and key employees. The regulatory climate in has caused, qualified plans to discriminate against the highly paid and key employees.

AASC will design, and administer the following plans:

  • IRC Section 415 excess benefit plans
  • Deferred compensation funding
  • Integrated incentive stock option plans
  • Top hat plans
  • IRC Section 162 bonus plans
  • IRC Section 162 controlled bonus plans
  • COLI maintenance and administration
  • Nonqualified defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans
  • Group life alternatives
  • Split-dollar plans
  • SERP plains
  • IRC Section 457 plans
  • Severance benefit plans
  • Tandem plans
  • Business-Owned Life Insurance, a US GAO Highlight of GAO-04-191T testimony before the Committee on Finance, U.S. (an 18 page .pdf file)

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